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How does the Certified Blues Banner Exchange operate?

The basic concept of a banner exchange is that if you show another site's banner ad (linked to that site) on your site then they will show yours (linked to your site) on theirs, hence giving your site exposure and the chance of a hit. As this stands it would simply be a reciprocal link agreement between two sites. Where a banner exchange scheme differs is that it is run by a site which holds a copy of your banner (or banners) as well as everyone else's in the scheme.Certified Blues Banner Exchange is free to join.

      Do banner ads work? They work if you can expose enough of them since click through rates are very low. This is partly because many people are irritated by banners so ignore them and partly because you have little control over who will see them - although some schemes do allow you to choose the type of web sites that you want them exposed on, giving some degree of targetting. So if your site doesn't earn enough exposures then the number of hits you receive will be low - unless you're willing to pay for extra exposures or have a site with a lot of pages. Another disadvantage is that they take extra download time and can detract from the look of your site - especially if they're at the top of pages, which is usually considered the best place to earn exposures. The most common size for banners is 468 pixels x 60 pixels. Studies have shown that this size performs better for click throughs than other sizes. Studies also show that animation on the banner improves click throughs as do bright colours and a call to action such as "Click Here". Certified Blues Banner Exchange Requires A (468 x 60) pixel Banner.
(1) Email your banner to admin@jtrotterjr.com .. we will send you the html code. (2) Insert this HTML code into your web page. (3) your code should look like the fgure Above.
Certfied Blues Banner Exchange .. Member
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